The Nautical Anchor Charm

The Nautical Anchor Charm

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The Anchor charm brings blessings to being to stay grounded and true to your nature. Know someone who is a nature or sea lover? Grab this for them! 
We have always loved nature. Here's a beautiful poem about the wisdom of the sea!
The wisdom of the sea.
Back and forth, the waves will be.
Allowing for thoughts to drift.
And for sands to shift.

Before a brilliant sunset uplifts the soul.
There is a time to experience a rising tide.
A time to explore as the waves step aside.
Taking a walk together under the light of the moon.

Getting the chance to sleep until noon.
Cocooned in the majesty of a restful place.
Nature has the power to heal a heart.
To encourage new beginnings to start.

Creating the foundation.
Of a relaxing vacation.
Anticipation causes the skin to tingle.
The sand warms up the toes with wonder.

As the waves come to a crescendoing thunder.
A cool drink perhaps in hand.
Smiles offered with sandcastles planned.
Tanned and happy, feeling grand.

It is as if nature is the orchestra of the world.
The music freely offered to unfurl.
A melody that is so soft and sweet.
Something that makes you want to tap your feet.

Completing a composition beyond any other.
With each offered crashing wave.
Or every call for the winds to behave.
Life has been given the chance to thrive.

To do more than simply survive.
Reviving a new hope for another generation.
Unless there is an effort at great care.
Beaches may not be found anywhere.

Our planet may cease to offer a new wave.
The consequence of such would be quite grave.
Because life would no longer have the chance to rave.
Life would reduce and eventually cease.

Stress would no longer find a place of release.
Fun would be gone when sitting under the sun.
From this planet, we would all wish to run.
Stunned by the sudden transformation.

There is a need to take care of our home.
For this is the only planet that we roam.
At the same time, we also care for each other.
Bringing the wisdom of the sea to one another.

Brothers and sisters sharing beautiful moments together.
Because within each wave, you will also find life.
Find a journey that leads you away from strife.
To find the message that your soul has spoken.

Listen and you will discover that you are not broken.
Wisdom is the token that allows for restoration.
Listen to the thunder.
Experience the wisdom.

Take the chance to enjoy a true holiday.
You never know what message may come your way.